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Heads of State

Year of the Fire Dragon丙辰( at the beginning of the year wood rabbit乙卯)

Era of Diocletian: 192/193 ( year November )

Syria: 787/788 ( year in October )


Eastern Roman Empire

  • Early August: The East Roman Emperor Zenon sells the usurper Basiliscus, he fled in the previous year before, and takes a fight Konstantin Opel one after also Armatus, nephew of Basiliscus, and general Illus have changed sides. Armatus ' son is charged under the name Leo for caesar.

Western Europe

  • August 23: The German leader Odoacer rises against the Roman army master Orestes and his son, the last Western Roman Emperor Romulus Augustulus. Orestes, who has his son Romulus used in the previous year, is defeated, captured and executed at Piacenza. Romulus himself is issued; his life is spared ( he may live on a farm). Julius Nepos, Orestes has sold 475 to 480, still resides in Dalmatia as Western Roman Emperor, Romulus Augustulus was unlike him never recognized by Ostrom. Since Odoacer waived unlike Orestes still on the establishment of a Western (shadow ) emperor, marks the year 476 the de facto end of the Western Roman Empire. This was previously often equated with the end of antiquity.
  • Odoacer is king ( rex ) of Germanic mercenaries in Italy and later given by the imperial government in Constantinople Opel formal recognition as imperial governor. His reign seat is Ravenna, the former imperial residence. Formally, he recognizes how all the Germanic successor kingdoms weströmischem floor to the suzerainty of the Eastern Roman Emperor.
  • The Visigoths defeat the Franks in Gaul and be provisionally the most powerful German tribe of Western Europe.

East Asia

  • The Korean kingdom of Goguryeo reached its greatest extent.


  • Aryabhata, Indian mathematician and astronomer († 550 )


  • AUGUST 28: Flavius ​​Orestes, western Roman army champion and father of the last emperor Romulus Augustulus
  • Basiliskos, East Roman emperor counter
  • Marcus, co-regent of East Roman

Pictures of 476