4Lyn, formerly known as Head Trip, was founded in 1995, a crossover band from Hamburg, who in 2013 broke up.

The names

When it became clear in 2000 that the band Headtrip should get a record deal, the members quickly realized that the former name was often used in the scene and so they sought a new pseudonym. According to the 2008 released DVD ( The Good Life Period) of the band name was created by the reverse reading of the inscription of a cigarette, stood on the " NIL ". The letters were simply something changed, meaning from now on " Little - Young - Nasties ", but can, according to the band, with all the other words that begin with these letters, to be replaced. 4 stands for the number of the musicians.

Band History

Prior to her tenure as members of 4Lyn all 've been musically active in various groups. They were in the area of ​​the Rocks, (Like chinos band " The Inferno " ) crossovers, Nu Metal and even hip- hop ( Culture Brazs band or Prison ).

The band Head Trip was launched in 1995, but due to the ever fully coated member changes is a singer Braz (Ron Cazzato ) the only one who is from the original line-up still part of today's band 4Lyn. Big Deee ( Björn Düssler ) was formerly the demo producer and the band came about when the old bass player has folded. After withdrawal of the former drummer, the band came by a happy coincidence to Chi ( Sascha Carillho ).

In 2001, then- guitarist Kane Wikked the band for various reasons had to leave ( Ben Eckebrecht ). Quick organized the drummer Chino his long-time friend René Knupper ( Russo ) for the band. For now, he was only intended as a substitute for Wikked since had to be prepared for an appearance at RTL Top Of The Pops all pieces within 4 days. However, after the complete cancellation of the former guitarist Russo became an integral part of the band.

Since 2005, support 4Lyn with her song Go, Sea Devils, the American football team from Hamburg Sea Devils.

Following the publication of the longplayer Hello in January 2008 and the subsequent tour, which had to be postponed due to a disease by René, this left the band in May. For him, Dennis Krueger joined the band.

During the tour publish 4lyn occasion of its 10-year existence, the band DVD Good life period. Besides music, all the band members play in the movie Check It Out with.

The band was rarely on the road in recent years, which sustained the three years difficulties and the subsequent separation is of her management.

Published four years after the last album 4lyn in May 2012 their album Quasar and then decrease, including with Prison Mind, on tour in Germany. In March 2013, the band released their resolution known, so that the members can devote the family, leisure and other projects strengthened. The last concert was held in Hamburg verdigris on 21 December 2013.



  • 4Lyn (May 21, 2001 Label: Motor Music )
  • Neon (September 9, 2002 Label: Motor Music )
  • Take It as a Compliment (May 24, 2004 Label: Edel Records )
  • Take It as a Compliment / Live Compliments, Tour Edition (September 13, 2004 Label: Edel Records )
  • Compadres (December 30, 2005 Label: Edel Records )
  • Hello (January 25, 2008 Label: Rodeo Star )
  • Live in Hamburg (now also available in the official fan shop )
  • Quasar (May 11, 2012 Label: Veryus Records)


  • Hey Ho, Let's Go! (June 2003)
  • Go, Sea Devils! ( 4 May 2007)
  • Whooo (19 March 2001)
  • Bahama Mama ( 18 June 2001)
  • Lyn (5 November 2001)
  • Pearls & Beauty (July 1, 2002)
  • Husky / Gone ( 30 September 2002)
  • Kisses of a Strobelight (10 May 2004)
  • Matilda, Matilda (Promo Single) (September 2004)
  • Drrty Rokka (9 December 2005)
  • Nostalgia (26 October 2007)
  • Hello ( For You I'm Dying ) (26 October 2007)
  • Club Exploitation (27 April 2012)
  • I Am A Phantom (7 March 2012)


  • The Good Life Period ( Home Story DVD, September 26, 2008)
  • Live in Hamburg (Live recording from the concert at the Docks November 15, 2008 )
  • CD / DVD " Hello" ltd edition ( recording of the show at rehearsals.com in California )