4Taste is a Portuguese rock band. It was founded in the spring of 2006 from David Gama ( bass), Francisco Borges ( drums), Luke d' Eca (vocals, guitar) and Nelson Patrão ( guitar). All four musicians had previously played in other bands successful.

Their debut album 4Taste appeared on 27 November 2006 and reached platinum status on the first day. For more than 80,000 records sold, the band was later awarded quadruple platinum. In summer 2007, a well-rehearsed in the Campo Pequeno live album was released. In the same year the band in Switzerland was originally brought to abroad.



  • 2006: 4Taste
  • 2007: Ao Vivo no Campo Pequeno
  • 2008: Take 2


  • 2006: Só tu podes alcançar
  • 2006: Sempre que te Vejo ( Sinto to desejo )
  • 2008: Diz -me que sim ( estou aqui )
  • 2009: Diz mais uma vez