5 Gum

5 Gum ( own spelling: 5 GUM) is a brand of sugarless chewing gum from The Wrigley Company. 5 gum was under the slogan " Stimulate your senses ": imported (German Stimulate your senses ) 2007 in the USA, one year later, Canada, during the chewing gum in many European countries, Russia, Australia and New Zealand was brought to the market in 2009. Since 2010, the brand among others in Israel, Malaysia and Thailand is sold.

5 Gum is after presentation of the manufacturer's next to the " special sensory product experience " stand by his " innovative packaging with a captivating design " of its competitors. The packaging units are partially characterized and consist of high-gloss and matt elements together. Each gum strip is again in a colored paper with embossing of the 5- Gum logos.

The target group for 5 Gum is The Wrigley Company lifestyle-oriented 15 - to to 29 -year-old people. Results of the market research firm ACNielsen has estimated that 18 months after the product launch in Germany 14 percent of total sales in the chewing gum segment 5 Gum.

A pack of 5 Gum contains depending on the sales region 12 to 15 sticks of gum. There are occasionally called Variety Boxes that contain several packages of various flavors for advertising purposes.