• Batschkapp, Frankfurt am Main
  • Music Hall Hanover, Hanover

55578 is the first and only to date compilation of the German synthpop duo Wolfsheim.

Emergence and Artwork

With the exception of Ruby, Do not Take Your Love to Town all the songs on the album of the two Wolfsheim members Peter Heppner and Markus Reinhardt were self- written and produced most of the songs of Carlos Peron. The album was released under the label Strange Ways Records. The album contains a mix of electronic music, pop and synth. The cover of the album is decorated in black and white. You can see a picture of an aerial view of the village Wolfsheim 20 December 1994. Among the album there is a 24-page booklet, which among other things various photographs of the duo and a hitherto complete discography contains. On the back of the booklet is to read that Wolfsheim have not named after the church, but after a character in The Great Gatsby. The screen shots are from Willy bars. The recordings of the entire album took place in Frankfurt Batschkapp recording studio and recording studio in hannover Music Hall Hanover.

Publication and Promotion

The first release of the album took place in Germany on 20 February 1995. The album consists of 13 Wolfsheim songs, the deluxe edition of the album contains another EP called brother cosmonaut. Initially the album was only available as a CD, since the beginning of downloadable music, is the album acquirable in the standard Verion, even in jedlichen music download portals.

Title list

All songs from the album are studio recordings.


The following singles from the album were officially released as a maxi-singles:


  • Jose Alvarez- Brill: Song Producer, Remix ( Anybody 's Window )
  • Axel Ermes: Composer
  • Gento Navaho: Song production, Remix ( Anybody 's Window )
  • Peter Heppner: vocals, composer, song - producer
  • Willy strips: Cover Image
  • Ollie Orange: Drums ( Tender Days )
  • Markus Reinhardt: Keyboard, Composer, Song Producer
  • Mel Tillis: Composer
  • Steffen Voges: Composer
  • Batschkapp: amplification
  • Hanseatic: Sales
  • Indigo: Sales
  • Master & Servant: mastering studio
  • Music Hall Hanover: amplification
  • Strange Ways Records music label


Exact sales figures of 55578 are not known. What is known is that a limited edition of 55 578 units, the additional EP is included brother cosmonaut as a side dish.

Charts and chart positions

55578 reached in Germany in the first week number 79 of the album charts. The album could hold a total of five weeks in the charts. In Austria and Switzerland, a chart entry to date was denied.

In Germany this is, after eight years as a band, the first chart success in the album charts for Wolfsheim.

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