(6) Hebe

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(6 ) Lifting is an asteroid of the main asteroid belt, which was discovered on July 1, 1847 by amateur astronomer Karl Ludwig Hencke as the sixth asteroid.

It was named after celestial bodies Hebe, the Greek goddess of youth.

Lift moves at a distance of about 1.9 ( perihelion ) to 2.9 ( aphelion ) astronomical units in about 3.8 years on an eccentric orbit around the sun. The orbit is inclined about 15 ° to the ecliptic, the orbital eccentricity is 0.20.

With a diameter of about 195 km lifting is one of the largest asteroids of the main belt. It has a relatively bright silicate- rich surface with an albedo of 0.27. While the opposition lifting reaches a brightness of 9.2 mag. To find it, however, you need a telescope or a bright prism binoculars.