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Heads of State

Year of The Fire Tiger丙寅( at the beginning of the year Wood Buffalo乙丑)

Syria: 317/318 ( year in October )


Politics and World Affairs

Roman Empire

  • Spring: The Roman Empire begins a campaign against the Germanic Marcomanni, who allied themselves under their king Maroboduus with the Hermunduren, Lombards, and Vandals Semnones and in the area of the later Bohemia have an army of about 74,000 men. Tiberius Caesar Augustus should come with six legions of Carnuntum to the north, while Gaius Saturninus Sentius with six other legions penetrates towards the east across the Rhine.
  • Late Spring: Pannonian revolt: While Tiberius in the few years before conquered Pannonia collects his legions, there are riots of the Celtic Boii. During the revolt in the south can be knocked down soon, the Boii bind under their leaders Bato and Pinnes more and more Roman troops. The US-led campaign against Tiberius the Germanic Marcomanni is so frustrated.
Tyrrhenicum mare
  • Marcus Agrippa Postumus Vipsanius, adopted son of Emperor Augustus, is exiled to the small island Pianosa.
  • Corsica and Sardinia are imperial provinces.
  • The in 29 BC carried out exchange for Capri Ischia as against the property of Naples is reversed. Capri is again in Naples.
North Africa
  • Revolt of the Gaetuler ( nomads in North Africa) and its allies against Rome.
Asia Minor
  • The Roman client-state of the Hasmoneans is dissolved by Rome. Herod Archelaus ethnarch loses his title and banished to Gaul. The Hasmonäerreich is converted into the region of Judea and reports directly to a prefect. First Roman governor of Judea is Coponius.
  • Legate Publius Sulpicius Quirinius leads in the provinces of Syria and Judea by a census. This leads to the establishment of the Zealots under Judas of Galilee and Zadok the Pharisee who fight the Roman supremacy.


  • February: Han Pingdi, Emperor of China, is poisoned by Wang Mang. Ru Zi is the age of a few months, formally Emperor of China. However, since it can not be enthroned, Wang Mang has served as ruler of the empire.
  • Orodes III. , King of the Parthians, is murdered because of his atrocities. Raised in Rome Vonones I. becomes his successor.


  • For the veterans care that was before the first citizen solely depends on a fund ( aerarium militare ) is established, which is fed mainly from a five percent inheritance tax and foundations of the princeps.

Culture, society, religion

  • Because of a disastrous fire in Rome a new barracks system is created that promises faster response in emergencies. The office of Commander of the fire department ( Prefect vigilum ) is created.
  • Start of construction of Concordia temple in Rome.
  • Emperor Augustus written certain of his grave enumeration of his great deeds, the Res Gestae Augustae.
  • Annas ben Seth is a high priest of Judaism.


  • Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, Roman politician ( † 39)
  • Iunior Lucilius, Roman knight and poet
  • Nero Julius Caesar Germanicus, son of Germanicus and Agrippina the Elder ( † 30) Nero Julius Caesar Germanicus


  • Orodes III. , King of the Parthians
  • 6: Cleopatra Selene, Queen of Mauretania ( * 40 BC)