(66652) Borasisi

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( 66652 ) Borasisi (former name: 1999 RZ253 ) is the name for a Transneptunisches object in the Kuiper Belt.

September 8, 1999, the asteroid was discovered by a team of astronomers to Chad Trujillo. From the absolute magnitude a diameter of about 166 km is estimated

The proposed by the discoverers name was officially adopted in September 2007. Borasisi is the term for the sun, ( Cat's Cradle ) is used in the fictional religion of " Bokononismus " Kurt Vonnegut's novel Cat in the cradle. Thus, the asteroid Borasisi is the first Kuiper belt asteroid, which was not named after a real existing mythology.


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2003 was announced by astronomers KS Noll and DC Stephens, the discovery of a moon that orbits Borasisi at a distance of only 4660 ± 170 km. The discovery was made using the infrared spectrometer of the Hubble Space Telescope. The diameter of the companion is estimated to be about 137 km, which is why you can classify Borasisi with its almost equally great companion as a double asteroid .. The moon got to match the naming of the main body Pabu the name ( full name: ( 66652 ) I Pabu ). Pabu as a name for moon comes just as the fictional religion of " Bokononismus ".