The 6N2P (Cyrillic 6H2П ) is a miniature double triode 9-pin Noval base specifically for NF applications.

The tube is designed especially for audio applications and is similar in its electrical properties and Sockelbeschaltung an ECC83, but because of two features without alteration in the wiring of the tube socket not interchangeable with this: Since the filaments of the two Triodensysteme are internally parallel and no center is present, is omitted here as opposed to the option of a ECC83 tube heater with 12.6 volts, is also located between the systems, a shield, whereby a higher crosstalk attenuation between the two triode is achievable.

The tube was widespread in the Soviet Union and is still in Russia ( Kaluga, from Voskhod ) made ​​. She has a long service life and excellent qualities as an audio preamplifier.