6P / d'Arrest is a short periodic comet that was discovered by Heinrich Louis d'Arrest on 28 June 1851.

The comet nucleus is estimated to have a size of 3.2 kilometers.

6P / d'Arrest was last on 14 August 2008 at perihelion, the next perihelion passage will be on March 2, 2015.

1991 beat Andrea Carusi and Giovanni B. Valsecchi, Istituto Astrofisica Spaziale in Rome and Ľubor Krešák and Margita Kresáková by the Slovak Astronomical Institute in Bratislava independently before that the comet was that of 1678, which was watched by Philippe de La Hire.

Brightest comet was seen on 13 August 1976 from Earth. He approached the Earth at only 0.15 astronomical units (AU ) and had a brightness of 4.8 mag. This was because the web has changed more in 1968 by Jupiter, so that the perihelion dropped to 1.17 AE.