7 (Bushido-Album)


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7 is the title of the fifth album by rapper Bushido. It was published ersguterjunge on 31 August 2007 on Bushido's label. After Bushido's departure from Universal, it's the first album, which is sold under the label Sony BMG. Bushido is supported on the album by rappers Chakuza, Nyze, Summer Cem and Kay One, as well as the participants of the second season of the talent show Germany seeks the superstar Philippe Bühler.

Charts success

The album debuted at # 1 on the Media Control Charts in Germany. Thus Bushido could make the jump to No. 1 on the German album charts for the first time in his career. The album is said to have achieved already by the number of pre-orders seven days before the official release Gold status. Also in Austria and Switzerland managed Bushido for the first time with an album at number 2 of the respective charts. Furthermore, the album was certified gold status in Austria.


And on the appearance of the album Bushido was thematic focus in the MTV show TRL XXL. In the interview, the rapper explained that one could interpret the title 7 in different ways. As examples, he pointed out that it is on the one hand to his seventh solo album (he is seven albums since he counts demo tape and King of Kingz ), it is also the seven virtues of the samurai or the number of letters of his artist name could relate.

In a later issue of TV total at Stefan Raab, he stated, however, that the 7 only explain by the fact that it was the seventh album. In addition, the artist refers to both in his intro, as well as in the song scum on the film Seven by David Fincher.

In the song there you revealed Bushido that he is single and has so far not found his dream woman. He wonders if it really is: a woman who is faithful to him always, in him the true man, not the rapper, looks and so accepted him as he is.


All is lost, the first song on the album, which was released as a single. On the premium single one can find the song in addition to the album version of an instrumental version and a remix Screwaholic, a Bizzy Montana remix and the music video. On the Basic version is next to the album version also the music video.

Everything lost debuted at # 4 in the German Single Charts ein.Damit the song is the first single of Bushido, which could get into the top 10. In Austria, the rapper could occupy 11th place in the charts with his first single release. In the second week, he made ​​it to number 3 on the Austrian charts.

As a second single now the song Empire did not follow me your hand. He is in stores since 16 November 2007. Besides the title track, there are also two exclusive remixes, on the one hand and on the other by decay of D -Bo, together with the rotated on Rügen video clip on the single. In addition, the single charted at number 23 in the German single charts.

Title list

Limited Edition (CD DVD)


On the production of 7, some hip-hop musicians were involved. Behind the horizon was produced by Martelli. The beat to it may start was Bizzy Montana and the song Who am I? was contributed by Screwaholic. These were both at Bushido's label ersguterjunge under contract.

As the main producer of the existing Chakuza and DJ Stickle production duo Beatlefield can be called. These have the music lost everything, times change, Where did you end up here, do not hand me your hand, truth, City of Angels and life, that thou knowest not produced.

A beat was contributed by Auditory. This is the song So its like they assign. The piece was produced by Ideal World Yvan Jaquemet. Bushido itself has only produced a beat. This he used for the song No sun. This one desire was contributed by Blanco and decay is responsible for the musical accompaniment of scum.

In addition, two songs from Steddybeats were produced. These are there to you? and rainbow. In addition, asylum status by David Dos Santos was produced.


The album cover features a portrait of Bushido with hand cuffs and a leather mask as she wears novel and film character Hannibal Lecter. In the background, a wall can be seen with a white B Bushido and the album title 7. The album is also available as a limited edition with additional DVD from 16 years.