The 7 -Eleven (pronounced "seven -eleven " ) is an international conglomerate headquartered in Chiyoda, Tokyo, as Seven-Eleven Japan Co. Ltd, which is owned by Seven & I Holdings Co. (Japan). 7 -Eleven operates, measured by the number of stores, the world's largest chain of retail stores and has branches in 16 countries: Japan, USA, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, People's Republic of China including Hong Kong and Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, Canada, Australia Singapore, Philippines, Norway, Sweden, Indonesia, Denmark. The focus of activities with more than 49,000 stores located in East Asia (~ 36,000 branches) and North America ( ~ 8,000 branches). In Germany, 7 -Eleven is not active.

History and Activities

The company was founded in 1927 in Oak Cliff, a suburb of Dallas (Texas ). The markets were called initially " Tote'm ", the name 7 -Eleven is used only since 1946. The largest number of 7-Eleven stores can be found in Japan. In the 1980s, the company ran into financial difficulties, and the Japanese retailers Ito Yokado - (イトーヨーカ堂) gained control of a majority of 7- Eleven. The company is a subsidiary of Seven & I Holdings.

Worldwide there are more than 49,000 shops today. Only a small portion of which are branches of the group, the rest is operated by independent franchisees. In terms of global sales and global headcount consolidated figures are known. The principal subsidiaries are located in Japan and the United States. 7 -Eleven Japan had in 2011 about 5,700 employees at 2 trillion yen retail sales (about 20 billion euros ). 7 -Eleven United States had in 2010 about 47,000 employees at 16.7 billion USD retail sales. The number of employees in the franchise stores is not known.

Although announced in 2004, the Norwegian licensee Reitan Group to to open a 7-Eleven Store in Berlin until 2006 and then rapidly expand the German network to 100 stores, so far, this plan was not implemented, so that 7 -Eleven is not present in Germany is.

In the U.S. and in Canada and Australia will at some 7-Eleven stores also fuel sold (for example, Citgo and Shell). The motto in the U.S. is: Oh Thank Heaven for 7 -Eleven ( Thank Heaven for 7 -Eleven ).


Originally, the shops were open from 7.00 am bis 23.00 clock, by the time specified 7 am to 11 pm (7-11), the company name was born.


From 1981 to 1991, 7-Eleven was the main sponsor of the cycling team, which bore the name of the company. After the departure of 7-Eleven, it became the Team Motorola.

The chain surprised in 2007 in North America with an unusual promotion. All North American supermarkets sold Simpsons - products such as " Buzz Cola". Twelve markets were even renamed the known from the Simpsons series " Kwik -E -Mart ."