7 Seconds (film)

  • Wesley Snipes: Jack Tuliver
  • Tamzin Outhwaite: Kelly Anders
  • Deobia Oparei: Spanky
  • Georgina Rylance: Suza
  • Pete Lee -Wilson: Alexsie Kutchinov
  • Serge Soric Mikhail
  • Andrei Ionescu: Frank Mercea, Bull
  • Tamer Hassan: Rahood
  • Tomi Cristin: Captain Szabo
  • Adrian Lukis: Vanderbrink
  • Stephen Boxer: Underhill
  • Adrian Pintea: Grapini
  • Corey Johnson: Tool
  • George Anton: Banner

7 seconds ( original title: 7 Seconds ) is an action film from 2005 with Wesley Snipes in the lead role. The film was produced directly for the DVD market.


In Bucharest, the U.S. Ex - Delta Force soldier Jack Tuliver robs with his gang simultaneously from three armored cars of the company Vanderbrink. Subsequently, the criminals attacked the same nor the central depot of Vanderbrink. There they bring in addition to bags full of money and a locked metal box in their possession.

In the subsequent escape them is a strange passage in the way and kills nearly all the friends of Tuliver. Jack manages to escape with the mysterious suitcase. When he is asked almost by the now alerted police near a cafe, he takes the adventitious and stationed on a nearby NATO base British military policewoman Kelly Anders hostage.

Shortly thereafter, she is released from Jack. They remain on her cell phone, which Tuliver Anders has stolen to get in touch. Together with Anders Tuliver sets out to search for the men behind. Soon it turns out that in the case a previously unknown and valuable Van Gogh painting - is to be located - the lilies of the field.


"The rest 7 seconds is characterized by some really exciting depictions of violence. [ ... ] Between the Action everything looks very routinely, which is exacerbated by a carelessly written script. "

"Who is not frightened of typical DTD B-movie errors / stereotypes / illogic finally gets again a healthy dose of action commanded. "

"Action rich B- gangster film, which towards the end (content ) Dandelions and money going out. "


  • The film's title refers to the time fuse from the opening sequence of the film, which are set to 0:07 ( 7 seconds).
  • Pete Lee -Wilson plays in Wesley Snipes movie Blade II with also.