(78071) Vicent

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( 78071 ) Vicent is a main belt asteroid of the middle, of the Spanish astronomers Rafael Ferrando at the Observatorio Pla D' Arguines (IAU code 941) was discovered in Segorbe, Valencia Province on June 1, 2002. An unconfirmed sighting (2001 EJ22 ) of the asteroid had already given on 20 March 2001 as part of the project Near Earth Asteroid Tracking at Haleakala Observatory on Maui.

It is believed that the asteroid could in a broader sense, to Lydia family, a group of asteroids, which was named after (110 ) Lydia - the orbit of ( 78071 ) Vicent around the sun (eccentricity ) is similar with a value of rounded 0,080 but less of an ideal circular path than those typical Lydia asteroid ( 0.026 to 0.061 ). Furthermore, the orbital data ( 78071 ) Vicent almost identical to those of the larger ( assuming the absolute brightness of 13.4 compared with 15.0 ) asteroids ( 10172 ) Humphreys.

( 78071 ) Vicent was named to honor of Segorbe Francesc Vicent, a Valencian author of the first known treatise on the modern game of chess, which is known in a print dated 1495. The naming of the asteroid on 28 September 2004.