7th Royal Bavarian Chevau-légers

The 3rd light cavalry regiment " Duke Karl Theodor " was a cavalry unit of the Bavarian army. The peacetime location of the regiment was Dieuze.


The regiment was placed on 23 and 31 January 1724.


After the Armistice of Compiègne and the return to the homeland, the regiment was demobilized and finally resolved.

In the tradition took over in the Reichswehr, the 6th Squadron of the 17th (Bavarian ) Reiter- Regiment in Straubing, which continued in the Wehrmacht from the I. Battalion of the anti-tank department 38 in Schweinfurt, from March 1938 in Wollersdorf in Wiener Neustadt been.


Regimental band

  • Präsentiermarsch and parade march in step: march of 1837 from St. Petersburg
  • Parade in trot: Polka from " The Adventures of Flick and Flock" by Peter Ludwig Hertel
  • Parade at a gallop: "Fix and Finish" by Carl Ludwig filth