• 8 -oxo -2'- deoxyguanosine
  • 8 -oxo- dG
  • 2 -amino-9 -[( 2R, 4S, 5R) -4-hydroxy -5-( hydroxymethyl) oxolane -2-yl ] -3,7- dihydropurin -6 ,8- dione ( IUPAC)

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8- 8- OHdG or Hydroxydesoxyguanosin is a nucleoside and a derivative of deoxyguanosine. It is a ( mostly in the morning urine) to readily measurable biomarkers of oxidative stress and the efficiency of the corresponding repair system. Thus, increases in concentration can in the urine of smokers, screen work, a variety of diseases, including cancer, but are also found in the brain of Parkinson's patients.

The detection of concentration humiliation serves, inter alia, to demonstrate the protective antioxidant properties of drugs such as carvedilol or epigallocatechin gallate contained in green tea (EGCG ). The analytical detection of 8 - OHdG is carried down to the femto - molar range of concentrations by HPLC coupled with electrochemical detector, but there were also GC -MS and ELISA methods described.