(8597) Sandvicensis

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( 8597 ) Sandvicensis is a main belt asteroid of the middle, which was discovered on 29 September 1973 by the Dutch astronomer Cornelis Johannes van Houten couple and Ingrid van Houten - Groeneveld. The discovery happened during the 2nd Trojan survey, in which the 120 - cm Oschin Schmidt telescope at Palomar Observatory recorded by Tom Gehrels field plates at Leiden University were screened, 13 years after the beginning of the Palomar - Leiden Surveys.

The asteroid belongs to the Eunomia family, one named after (15 ) Eunomia group, which includes probably five percent of the asteroids of the main belt. The timeless ( nichtoskulierenden ) orbital elements of ( 8597 ) Sandvicensis are almost identical to those of the smaller, if we start from the absolute brightness of 16.0 compared with 13.0, asteroid ( 298170 ) 2002 TS145.

( 8597 ) Sandvicensis is named after the sandwich tern, Sterna sandvicensis whose scientific name is. At the time of designation of the asteroid on February 2, 1999, the Sandwich Tern was on the Dutch Red List of Threatened Species. The first letter of the asteroid ( 8585 ) to ( 8600 ) form the phrase Per aspera ad astra.