8P/Tuttle is a periodic comet of the Jupiter family. The orbit of the comet passes between the Earth and Saturn with an orbital period of 13.61 years. With the help of radio wave observations in early 2008, the rotation period of the nucleus of comet could be determined. Thereafter, the core rotates in 7.5 hours to yourself

Discovery history

Horace Parnell Tuttle discovered this comet on January 5, 1858 The following track calculations showed that it was identical to an observed already in 1790 by Mechain comet. ; the turnaround time is just under 14 years. With the exception of the year 1953, he has been observed since 1871 at each recurrence. He was never visible with the naked eye; the largest so far observed brightness was 6.5 mag in the year 1980. 8P/Tuttle is the cause of the meteor shower of Ursids which is active around the 21st December each year.

Return of the comet 2007/2008

At the turn of 2007/2008 8P/Tuttle could first be observed for a short time with the naked eye, as he came closer to the Earth than its previously observed phenomena. At its current return 8P/Tuttle was observed since mid-July 2007 regularly by some experts. In mid-November 2007, its brightness is about 11 likes to 20 December 7.5 like on 27 December 2007 about 6.5 mag. On this day, the first sighting was reported to the naked eye.