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Heads of State

Year of the Earth Snake己巳( at the beginning of the year Earth Dragon戊辰)

Syria: 320/321 ( year in October )


Politics and World Affairs

Roman Empire

  • Gaius Sabinus and Quintus Sulpicius Poppaeus Came Rinus are consuls of the Roman Empire. Suffektkonsuln be Poppaeus Quintus Secundus and Marcus Papius Mutilus.
  • The Pannonian revolt is crushed by Tiberius Caesar Augustus. Pannonia gets the status of a Roman province.
  • The Roman Senate adopted the lex Papia Poppaea, which provides for the marriage mandatory for all Roman citizens. Unmarried lose the right to inheritance.
  • September: Varus Battle (also Battle of the Teutoburg Forest). Legate Publius Quinctilius Varus, the governor of Germania Magna, pulls with three legions and auxiliary troops of the Cherusker under Arminius back to the winter camp Vetera ( near Xanten ) west of the Rhine. The news of a regional revolt of the Germans led Varus to take a detour to the north. Arminius and the Cherusker separate themselves from the Romans, ostensibly to gather allies. Day 1: The Roman legions circumvent the north Wiehengebirge. Germanic fighters attacked the remaining wintering garrisons.
  • Day 2: When the Romans left a dense forest area, they will Chauken and attacked by the allied Cherusci, Marsi, Chatti, Brukterern, the other under the leadership of Arminius. Due to the confusing terrain and without their usual battle formation fall victim to many Legionaries the Germans. The legions crowd back into the forest, be pursued by the Germanic warriors.
  • Day 3: In order to shake off the Germans and to reach safe territory, the Romans under Varus to march the whole day and the following night to the West.
  • Day 4: The decimated Roman legions reach an area north of the Kalkrieser Mountain ( east of the present Bramsche ). Here the Germans have built walls to stop the Romans. Wedged between mountains and swamps, the Romans can not go into their battle formation. A storming attempt of the wall fails. The Germans pursue the surviving legionnaires on the open field. The legions XVII Augusta, XVIII and XIX Augusta Augusta with a total of about 20,000 men go almost completely lost. The legate Publius Varus Quinctilius and Numonius Vala and most of the officers lose their lives. The survivors capitulate under prefect Ceionus. The so-called Battle of Varus means one of the greatest defeats of the Roman Empire.


  • Capture of Camulodunum (now Colchester ) by the Catuvellauni at the expense Trinovantes. Cunobelinus is king of the Celtic Catuvellauni who settle in the British Isles.

Imperial China

  • Wang Mang, the reigning emperor for the child's Crown Prince Ying růží, ascends the throne himself and declares himself the new emperor of China. The era of the Western Han dynasty ends. Wang Mang founded the short-lived Xin Dynasty instead. Wang Mang abolishes private ownership of land, government regulation of prices, coin and tax reform. Prohibition of the slave trade by Emperor decree.



  • Marcus Caelius, centurion in Legio XVIII, which was destroyed in Germania (c. 45 BC)
  • Hillel, the Jewish patriarch (c. 30 BC )
  • Simeon I, the Jewish patriarch