96th Street (Manhattan)

The 96th Street is crossed from west to east, a main road, the New York City borough of Manhattan.

Location and History

The 96th Street runs through East Harlem and the Upper West Side. It extends from the East River on the FDR Drive to the Henry Hudson Parkway at the Hudson River to the west. In the east, the Manhattan 96th Street is the border between Yorkville in the south and Spanish Harlem in the north.

The road is cut through Central Park. The park shuttle, the 96th Street to the 97th Street Transverse Road: Connect, which runs through the park and the East Side to the West Side above 96th Street and 97th Street connects (even Transverse Road # 4). The pedestrian gate to Central Park at the height of 96th Street on the west side is called " Gate of all Saints" ( " All Saints' Gate " ) and on the east side " Woodman's Gate" ( " Ranger Gate" ).

On the Upper West Side 96th Street falls slowly in a natural valley from which is regarded as the southern border of the neighboring Manhattan Valley, leads under the Riverside Drive through it and has a shuttle to the Henry Hudson Parkway.


The 96th Street is one of 15 cross street in New York City with a width of approximately 30.5 meters (100 feet). This was in the Commissioners ' plan of 1811 established the same time the whole street grid of Manhattan regulated by 14th Street to Washington Heights.

Parts of 96th Street, in particular in the area of ​​Second Avenue and Third Avenue, experienced a significant gentrification, with luxury apartment buildings that were built by Related Rentals in the late 1980s.

The 96th Street is the northern boundary of the New York City steam system which more than 100,000 buildings with more than 13.6 tonnes ( 30 billion pounds ) hot steam heated - the largest heating system of this kind in the world.


The New York City subway has along the 96th Street the following stops:

  • 96th Street (IRT Broadway - Seventh Avenue Line) at Broadway
  • 96th Street (IND Eighth Avenue Line) on Central Park West
  • 96th Street (IRT Lexington Avenue Line) at Lexington Avenue
  • 96th Street (IND Second Avenue Line) is currently under construction along Second Avenue.

The M96 bus line serves almost the entire 96th Street and the bus M106 serves the western part of the road and connects it to the East 106th Street.