98th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)

The 98th Infantry Division was a military major unit of the Wehrmacht.

Division history

Areas of application:

  • Germany: September 1939 to May 1940
  • France: May 1940 to June 1941
  • Eastern front, southern sector from June to November 1941
  • Eastern front, central section: November 1941 to March 1943
  • Eastern front, southern sector: March 1943 to May 1944
  • Yugoslavia: June through August 1944
  • Italy: August 1944 to May 1945

In September 1939, the 98th ID was placed on the Grafenwoehr Training Area in Military District XIII as part of the fifth wave formation. After the soldiers gathered their first experience of war during the invasion of Poland, the Army Group South Division was assumed. In the time of the reorganization in February 1941 to July 1941, the 98th ID suffered a permanent decline of their combat strength. 1942 already following battalions had to be resolved: II Battalion / IR 282, III. . Btl. / IR 289 and III. Btl. / IR 290, so that the division only had six infantry battalions. 1942, consisted of only two regiments until the summer of 1943. The GR 289 had to be completely dissolved due to heavy losses and the survivors were divided into GR 282, GR 290 and the divisional battalion 98. During their lower position in the Central Army Group from October 1941 to June 1943 the 98th ID was equipped with Soviet T-26 and T-70 tanks prey. In May 1944, the 98th ID was destroyed in the Crimea and had to be reorganized with personnel from the 387th ID in Croatia on June 5, 1944. In the theater of war Italy, the division served as a Grenadier Brigade teaching or Grenadier Regiment 290 teachers The plan of a name change to " Empire Grenadier Division high - and German masters" was abandoned. In May 1945, the 98th ID surrendered to U.S. troops in Italy.



A total of 24 Knight's Crosses and 71 German crosses were awarded in gold to members of the 98th ID.


Changes in the Outline of the 98th ID 1939-1945

The AR 198 consisted of I to IV Department.