A-Division (Bhutan)

The A Division is the top division in the Bhutanese football. The league currently composed of seven teams and in the last season of Yedzin FC won its second championship in 2008. Record champions since hosting a Bhutanese Championship, in 1986, is Druk Pol with nine title wins. The record champions since 2001 the existing A- Division is Transport United with four title wins.


After the football came in the 1950s to Bhutan, he first had to always be the national sport, subordinate to the archery and played only a minor role. But as a first association was founded in the 1960s caused the football for more and more attention and gained more popularity. In the 1980s there was a first flowering. In April 1982, the first international match against Nepal was held in 1986 and the first official championship was held. The Royal Bhutan Army, today's club Druk Pol, from the capital Thimphu was able to win the first championship. After initially not officially discharged more championship took place. In 1993, the Bhutan Football Federation, including the Asian Confederation AFC joined and it was limited to the Greater Thimphu National League in 1996 their game started operations, was founded. Since 2001, ie, the league is struggling especially with the weak infrastructure of the country, A- Division. The national champion since 2005 also takes on the AFC President's Cup part where Transport United in 2006 against Pakistan Army FC even managed a win.


Teams of the 2010 season

  • Yedzin FC
  • Druk Pol
  • Transport United
  • Druk Star
  • Druk Athletic
  • Choden FC
  • Nangpa FC

List of champions

1986: Druk Pol 1986-1995: no discharge 1996: Druk Pol 1997: Druk Pol 1998: Druk Pol 1999: Druk Pol 2000: Druk Pol 2001: Druk Star 2001: Druk Pol 2003: Druk Pol 2004: Transport United 2005: Transport United 2006: Transport United 2007: Transport United 2008: Yedzin FC 2009: Druk Star 2010: Yedzin FC 2011: Yedzin FC 2012: Druk Pol