A-flat minor

As - ges - fes ^ it - of - ces ^ b - as

A flat minor is a key of Tongeschlechts minor, based on the root as. The key of A flat minor is written in standard notation with seven ♭ (b, it, as, the, total, ces, fes ). The corresponding scale and the basic chord in this key ( the tonic as- ces - it ) are designated by the term A-flat minor.

Works in A flat minor

Due to the seven signs ( they could - reinterpreted enharmonically - simple pose with G sharp minor ) this key is not very often used. But there are, among others, the following important examples:

  • Funeral March ( Marcia Funebre ) from the Piano Sonata No. 12 A flat major by Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Fugue in A flat minor for organ, WoO 8 by Johannes Brahms
  • 3rd movement of the String Quintet, Op 97 by Antonín Dvořák