A Hard Day's Night (film)

Yeah Yeah Yeah (alternative: A Hard Day 's Night ) is a British film directed by Richard Lester in 1964 The focus of the game's plot, the four members of the Beatles.. The soundtrack was released as the album A Hard Day 's Night.


The movie describes a day in the life of the Beatles and ironic look at the so-called " Beatlemania ", which was in full swing since 1963. The " Fab Four" being mobbed by young girls, wrest repeatedly with the requirements of their manager and have the middle of it small little problems with Paul's grandfather. This is a troublemaker, sold photos of the Beatles in counterfeit autographs and stirs Ringo Starr on to leave the band, so the others must seek him in front of a television appearance. In between singing the Beatles their hits.

In the framework of the possibilities of the film the different characters of the four Beatles are shown: John the cynic, the Charming Paul, George of Restrained, Ringo the wag, but suffers from his role in the band structure.

The black-and-white film is sometimes right to supply an image of the actual life of the Beatles and to uses of the style of a mockumentary. Especially funny about that in the television appearance, the last two songs are hard to hear because the audience is too loud.

He is also a document of the Swinging London of the 1960s.


The German dubbed version of the film changed sometimes the meaning of the dialogues perfectly. The Beatles are talking about The Tin Drum by Günter Grass, German quote poems and want to German cinema.


" Novel and pointing the way for future music movies is the authentic reproduction of life and time atmosphere, which is achieved through less of protocol realism than by creative clutter and parodic style experiments. "


The screenplay and the music was nominated for an Oscar in 1965.


Pattie Boyd can be seen in the role of Jean, a school girl who is not mentioned in the credits, and learned on the set of George Harrison, whom she later married.

For the GDR rulers Walter Ulbricht, the " Yeah Yeah Yeah" by the Beatles was a prime example of western Beat Music: " Is it really true that we, nu need to copy any dirt that comes from the West? I think, comrades, with the monotony of Je- Je- Je, and how it all is, [ ... ] you ought to go. "(1965, announcement of the ban on Western Beat music on the XI. Plenum of the Central Committee of the SED).