A Heidelberg Romance

  • Liselotte Pulver: Susanne Edwards
  • O. W. Fischer: Hans -Joachim Prince of Reiningen
  • Gardy Granass: young Fannerl Brückner
  • Gunnar Möller: William Edwards as a student
  • Hans Leibelt: William Edwards
  • Ruth Niehaus Gabriele Attendorf
  • Hans Reiser: Erwin Turner
  • Margarete Haagen: Tante Amalie Brückner
  • Paul Verhoeven: Detective Schulze
  • Melanie Horeschowsky: Old Fannerl
  • Joachim Brennecke: Thomas Altendorf
  • Franz Schafheitlin: Hotel staff
  • Walter Sedlmayr: host
  • Liselotte Malkowsky: singer
  • Margit Saad: Flower Seller
  • Heinz Lausch

Heidelberg is a German love romance film directed by Paul Verhoeven from the year 1951.


The rich American Susanne Edward learns in Chicago by letter that her fiance Erwin Turner in love with Heidelberg and therefore wants to end the engagement with her. Horrified, she persuaded her father William to go with her to Heidelberg and agrees he hopes but after about 40 years also his former mistress Fannerl later on. He tells the story of Susanne.

He came from America as a young student in Heidelberg and met Fannerl, when he located in the town was looking for a place to live. He quickly moved into the room, let her aunt. Through a dismounted wrongly Karzerhaft he came in contact with the fraternity Gothia, whose member he was soon. With Fannerl he spent happy two years before he had to go because of a sudden illness of his father in 1914 back to America. Although he promised Fannerl to return soon, he never made it.

In Heidelberg, Susanne and her father move into their hotel. While William entrusted a private investigator to search for Fannerl, Susanne makes her fiance clear that it intended to terminate the engagement and will travel with him the next day back to America. Then she wants to get a show by a guide Heidelberg, but for the dedicated medical student Hans -Joachim expresses so disrespectfully about the supposedly old American that they can cancel the lead.

At a chance meeting outside the hotel Hans -Joachim loses his watch - it lands unnoticed in Susan's case and Susanne is now brought a thief to the police station. Hans -Joachim waived on an ad and now spends the following days with Susanne. He regards them as a pathological case - probably poor, poor parents, neglected education, thief and liar - and will heal him. He is confirmed in his image by Susanne Through several coincidences, especially as they face him soon posing as " Fannerl Brückner " to test if he could love them for their own sake. Something had to swear their environment, not to reveal their masquerade, her father discovered she even then, as Susanne wants to reveal Hans -Joachim opposite. Only when he breaks up with her ​​because of fraud, it dissolves everything and both fall into the arms. Even William has a few flashback luck: By chance he meets Fannerl, who is married to a former fellow Williams for many years. Your daughter is the new girlfriend of Erwin, the Susanne has released through their new love.


Filming took place from August 1951 to October 1951 in Heidelberg and Hamburg studio - Bendestorf instead. The color film produced in Agfa Color premiered on December 23, 1951 at the Metro at the swan in Frankfurt am Main.


For the mirror Heidelberger Romanze the "Summit of German (film) was restoration. Thanks to the pleasant, mild colors a catchy advertising brochure for romance - thirsty, Babitts '. "

The lexicon of the International film called the film a " past reality, sometimes sentimental, sometimes humorous scene set in reminiscence, Old Heidelberg '. "

For the love of Cinema film " lovely lard in colorful Fifties " look was.


Gardy Granass Award for Heidelberg Romance at the German Film Award in 1952 with the Golden box as best young actress. She shared the award with Gertrud Kückelmann.