A High Wind in Jamaica (film)

  • Anthony Quinn: Chavez
  • James Coburn: Zac
  • Dennis Price: Mathias
  • Purple Kedrova: Pink
  • Nigel Davenport: Mr. Thornton
  • Isabel Dean: Mrs. Thornton
  • Deborah Baxter: Emily
  • Kenneth J. Warren: Capt. Marpole
  • Ben Carruthers: Alberto
  • Gert Frobe: Dutch captain
  • Brian Phelan: Curtis

Storm over Jamaica is a British pirate and adventure film from 1965, which arose under the direction of Alexander Mackendrick and on 4 June 1965, Premiere in Germany. The screenplay is based on the novel by British writer Richard Hughes. The main roles Anthony Quinn and James Coburn played.


The British couple Thornton lives in Jamaica. When the island is haunted by a heavy storm, there is a woman that her many children do not belong to this harsh island. You will be brought on board a ship and sent back to England. But after a short time the journey takes a drastic turn, raise the ship as pirates and plunder the ship.

The children understand the incident as a varied game and hide in the hold of the pirates where they are inadvertently included. When they are discovered, it is too late to return it. You need to stay on board, where they put the Pirates have a problem, who are dealing with children not used to. With time, however, the pirate captain Chavez arranged with the kids and makes friends with them, especially with the little Emily. The other pirates fear, however, that the children bring bad luck.

Chavez decides, then, to hand over the children in Tampico in the custody of the brothel owner Rosa. The message of child abduction in contrast, has already spread. Plus it comes in Tampico in an accident: One of the kids falls from a window to death. Although the pirates makes no guilt, she is now confronted with the accusation of murder and sent away. Shortly afterwards, Emily is violated, Chavez begins to change. He cares about the girl who acts remorseful and finally refuses even to attack a Dutch ship. Instead of making loot, Chavez wants to translate the children because he fears for Emily's life.

The crew mutinies, however, and attacks the Dutch. Meanwhile Captain capture them. This leads to a further momentous incident, when the frightened feverish Emily stabs the Dutch captain, as they felt threatened by him. Shortly after, the pirates are provided by the British navy. Back in England, the children are interviewed, but provide no evidence that was done to them suffering. Nevertheless Emily to testify in court. There she is questioned about the murder of the Dutch captain. Intimidated by the prosecution makes fragmentary statements in order to not admit their own guilt must. Unintentionally they charged Chavez so hard. Against the pirates, the death sentence is then spoken. Chavez shows almost pleased with the just punishment.


" Nevertheless, the ( with preload ) 2930 -meter-long film is boring: I did not succeed the director, even well to dramatize the interplay between the kidnapped on the journey from Jamaica to London children and their captors, a wild pirate horde. "

" Exciting Adventure in rough world of men; in the system of children's roles too superficial. "