A Just Russia

The Just Russia party (Russian Справедливая Россия, full name: Just Russia: History, retirees, life, official abbreviation СР - РПЖ, frequent short- СР only ) is founded in 2006 and themselves as social democratic significant party in Russia. It stands in opposition to the government.

Political orientation

The party describes itself as social democratic, but is not strictly comparable with the social democratic parties of Western expression. This is due to their roots - justified by its characterizing inter alia attitude towards the government and the special political landscape of Russia - three parties to the merger. A Just Russia was in this case referred to by sections of the political observers, especially in the early history of the party as to the government, of other, especially in recent times as moderate opposition and by the political left as inconsistent conservative or liberal left.

Some observers of Russian politics Fair Russia is today viewed as a planned environment by strengthening the putin Vladimir Putin's loyal camp on the left and stuff as a counterpart to officially conservative Putin United Russia party. Your goal is on this view of fishing for votes at the expense of anti-government left and populist parties such as the Communists and Yabloko National Bolsheviks.

Other journalists evaluate the party as an opportunity for an extension of the diversity of opinion in Russia. This is suggested also critical confrontation between "Fair Russia" and the governing party "United Russia" political factual issues, a stronger in recent years social democratic profile and compared with the fragmented opposition relatively strong position ( faction in the Duma ). So Just Russia has declined in the Russian State Duma from 2009 many projects of the government and is actively involved in opposition activities. Just Russia is a member of the Socialist International and actively seeks contact with representatives of left-wing democratic parties.

History of the Party

Emergence as a foster child of the Kremlin

Just Russia is a 2006 consummated union of the three preceding than to the government force parties Rodina, the Russian Party of Pensioners and the Russian Party of Life and only its smallest of the three parties of origin had a social democratic orientation, the other two were left nationalist and conservative for self- representation, or a representation of the retirees. The then Chairman Sergei Mironov has known shortly after the founding publicly fundamental support of the politics of Putin. They wanted to support the basic march toward the government, but work out its own linkeres profile in detail and factual issues. In critical deputies of Rodina, the most recently distanced themselves from the government, criticism of the association was to start loud. The criticism, however, is quickly silenced, there probably only prevented the merger that the three parties of origin, like many others lost their parliamentary seats because of the dominant position of the ruling party, United Russia, and together form a permanent parliamentary faction instead.

Electoral successes of 2007-2009

By deputies of the three parties of origin Just Russia was represented from its foundation, in the Russian State Duma and in numerous regional parliaments of Russia. In its young history were the previously dominant events for the party's participation in two local elections (2007 and 2009 ) and two Duma elections (2007 and 2011).

In the Stavropol region was in the municipal elections in 2007 for the first time the largest party with 37% Some even before the ruling party in Russia ( here 24%). In the otherwise nationally dominant position of the ruling party, which was a small sensation. In five regions Fair Russia 's second largest party was behind United Russia, and in all regions except one she now provides MPs for the area parliament. The main competitor in elections is true for the ruling party, the communist KPRF, the election campaign as Fair Russia presents itself as an advocate of the "little people" and 2007, about as many regions of the second largest party was. In the same year, the party joined the People's Party of the Russian Federation and three other small parties.

In the Duma election in December 2007, Fair Russia made ​​it as one of only four parties of the 7 % threshold, and went with 34 members in group strength in the Russian State Duma. She sat down next to the only party to the Communists and Zhirinovsky's LDPR significantly from the mass of otherwise unsuccessful parties besides Putin's United Russia from. It reached 7.74% after the official official results.

Beginning of 2008, declared the party to want to have more impact social democratic in the Western sense. In the local elections in several regions in 2009, she moved with one exception, in all regional parliaments. You According to company statements in 66 regional parliaments over 309 MPs. In the same year, the two small parties party of social justice and the Green Party of Russia with the Just Russia party united. In two Russian regions 2009 she challenged the exclusion of their own candidates and the outcome of the elections won by United Russia in court. In 2008, the party joined the Socialist International.

Distancing from the Kremlin from 2010

2010 Fair Russia party to opposition actions in Kaliningrad. The Chairman Mironov expressed then critical to the politics of government, however, went a little later still a coalition with the ruling party, United Russia. In the following time politician from Fair Russia towards the government was more common critical.

In April 2011 Nikolai Lewitschew was elected the new party chairman. His predecessor Mironov, known in Russian politics than to the government and longtime friend of Putin, was set up as a presidential candidate for 2012. While the party has seen significant electoral gains in 2011 ( 13.2 % against 7.8 % in 2007 ) in the Duma elections, disappointed Mironov result in the presidential elections as the final light of all candidates with less than four percent of the vote. Since other functionaries of the party have been engaged within the opposition movement already in the environment of both elections, observers expect the Russian policy in the coming years with a regierungskritischeren course of the party, also in cooperation with radical opposition as the Communists. In the Russian Parliament is Fair Russia after the ruling party United Russia and the Communists since 2011, the third largest group with 64 MEPs. Twelve members of the party sitting in the Russian Federation. For the future, the party plans to reinforce the cooperation with non- parliamentary Left and other left-wing parties in Russia .. Several leading politicians of Just Russia have actively participated and those worn in the Duma in the protests against rigged elections in late 2011.

2012 continued the party started their way from one foster child of the government towards the opposition continued. After the election of Dmitry Medvedev as the new prime minister 14 May 2012 four deputies were expelled from the Duma faction of Just Russia, because they had voted for Medvedev. Fair Russia sharply criticized the restrictions adopted by United Russia the right of assembly and tried in the State Duma to block, and - as the only Duma faction - the classification funded by foreign NGOs as foreign agents. The immunity of the opposition Just Russia deputy group chairman Gennady Gudkov was repealed by a majority vote of the governing party and the LDPR, which saw observers of Russian politics as a reaction to the new oppositional course of the party. To Gudkov itself Fair Russia but then put later on, not solidarity, but expelled him from the party. Western observers and political opponents eventually decided the opposition will of the party in question again. However, there are also other representatives of a stressed -government course in the party. The Just Russia deputy Ponomarev called in a speech, the ruling party as the " party of crooks and thieves ," to which he received a one-month ban on speaking of the parliamentary majority.


At the top of the Party Chairman are ( currently Nikolai Lewitschew ). Downstream of this is a Central Council. The party is represented in all Russian regions and with 414 558 members the second largest stuff by the State party in Russia.

The party has its own women's and its own youth organization and supports the Youth League League for justice. The youth organization has about 50,000 members .. connected after party details on the party is also an accessible -Russia Institute for social research and development, roughly comparable to the political foundations in Germany. The party maintains its own online newspaper under the name Socialist, a community center and a party-affiliated federation of 19 support organizations which are often already recruited the predecessor organizations.

International operating

Just Russia is since 2008 a member of the Socialist International and had observer status before. She regularly participates in events of the Party of European Socialists. It cultivates his own words close contacts with social democratic and socialist parties in the EU, in the CIS, as well as social democratic foundations and the Communist Party of China.

Significant representatives

  • Sergei Mironov, presidential candidate in 2012 and chairman of the party from 2006 to 2011; former Chairman of the Russian Federation Council
  • Nikolai Lewitschew, chairman of the party since 2011
  • Ilya Ponomarev, leader of the opposition during the protests of 2011 to 2012 and member of Just Russia
  • Oksana Dmitrieva, spokesperson and opposition
  • Former member: Gennady Gudkov, previously vice chairman of the Duma faction and opposition