A minor

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A minor is a key of Tongeschlechts minor, based on the root a. The key of A minor is written in the notation without sign. The corresponding scale and the basic chord in this key ( the tonic ace ) are designated by the term in A minor.

Links the notion of a minor ( no sign), the right of the basic chord on a piano.

This key is a key used very frequently in all periods as a parallel key of C major and due to the lack of signs. It is frequently used as a light- sounding, gentle, noble described (see key character ). The " pious femininity" was sometimes associated. A minor was Robert Schumann's favorite key and takes in his works, enter a key character.

On the piano is in A minor, the only minor key, which works with white keys. This is the reason that piano lessons often begin with a minor ( or the parallel key of C major ). In the early techno music in A minor was precisely for this reason, the most represented key.

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