A Pallas Nagy Lexikona

A Pallas Nagy Lexikona ( German: The great Pallas Lexikon ) was the first Hungarian Encyclopedia, which was not based on a translation from another language. It was published by the publishing house A Pallas Irodalmi és Nyomdai Rt in the years 1893-1897. In 1900, two supplementary volumes were published. The Encyclopedia then comprising 18 volumes with over 150,000 articles. At its creation more than 300 authors were involved.


Among the authors included renowned Hungarian scientists, part of which was a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Thus, in addition to other Bernát Alexander, Donath Bánki, Jenő Cholnoky, Károly Csemegi, Kornel Divald, Ignatius Goldziher, Loránd Eötvös, József Kürschák, Henrik Marczali, Ferenc Nagy, László Négyesy, Gyula Pasteiner, Jenő Péterfi, József Szinnyei, Gusztáv Thirring and Ármin Vámbéry under the editorial leadership of József Bokor involved in the preparation of the encyclopedia.

Further development

In 1911 Révai Testvérek took Rt the lexicon and it appeared then under the name Révai Nagy Lexikona. It peaked in the 1920s and 1930s in Hungary a lot of popularity. In 1935, the latest edition of the Encyclopedia in the amount of 21 volumes. In 1998, the Lexicon has been fully digitized by the Arcanum Adatbázis Kft and sold on CD- ROM. The digitized items of the lexicon are now at Magyar Elektronikus Könyvtár (MEK ) on the Internet freely available.

Pictures of A Pallas Nagy Lexikona