A Quick One


  • Vocals / harmonica / tambourine: Roger Daltrey
  • Guitar / Keyboard / Vocals: Pete Townshend
  • Bass / Keyboard / Vocals: John Entwistle
  • Percussion / Vocals: Keith Moon

A Quick One is the title of the second album by British rock group The Who. The LP was released in December 1966. In the U.S. the album with a different title sequence under the title Happy Jack was released, based on the eponymous song, which was a minor success in the U.S. charts.

A Quick One is considered a musical turning point the group was able to develop more freely than has been possible in the debut album.

Particularly interesting is the title track of the album A Quick One, While He 's Away, the Pete Townshend is the first step towards rock opera represented and can be regarded as a harbinger of the coming concept albums Tommy and Quadrophenia. The good nine minutes long piece told in six parts the story of marital infidelity, which confess the same and forgiveness through the dupes. With a guest appearance for the Rolling Stones as part of the "Rock and Roll Circus" on December 11, 1968 this play was performed in full length.

Chris Stamp, at the time the co-manager of the group had signed a special contract with the music publisher of the Who, who brought every songwriter an advance payment of £ 500. Thus it was that every band member had to contribute a track to the album at least. This meant that a quick one, the least of Pete Townshend dominated as composers Who album was.

The recordings for the album took place from August to November 1966 in the IBC Studios and Pye Studios in London. Produced A Quick One by Kit Lambert.

In Germany, Polydor released an album in 1966 titled The WHO with pieces of a quick one out So Sad About Us and A Quick One, While He 's Away, but with the pieces in the City, Circles, Disguises and I'm a Boy.

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Revised version

In 1995, a revised version of the album was released, which includes ten bonus tracks:

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