A Scene at the Sea

  • Kuroudo Maki as Shigeru
  • Hiroko Oshima as Takako
  • Sabu Kawahara as Takoh
  • Nenzo Fujiwara as Nakajima

The sea was calm (Japaneseあの 夏,いちばん 静か な 海, Ano natsu, ichiban shizukana umi, literally; engl A Scene at the Sea. . " That summer, the calmest sea. ". ) Is a Japanese film from the year 1991. directed the love story led Takeshi Kitano, who also wrote the screenplay. The main roles were played by Kuroudo Maki and Hiroko Oshima. The film was released in Japanese theaters on October 19, 1991.


Shigeru is born deaf. He has a part time job as a garbage collector. His girlfriend Takako shares his fate - she is also deaf. During his normal route to the garbage truck Shigeru discovered in a pile of garbage a broken surfboard. Shigeru takes it and sets out to teach himself to surfing.

He stubbornly pursues its objective only ridiculed, but he is getting better. Finally he repeated his disability doom, such as participating in a surf championship, to which he was encouraged by his mentor ( owner of the surf shop ). Since he does not listen to the surf championship, as he is called, it will be disqualified.

When he participates again in a championship, he even wins a trophy. A little later, Shigeru exercises on the beach again. As Takako comes to visit him there, but she finds only before the surfboard. Surfing cost him in the end life.


The film was successful in the Japanese film awards. So he was in the categories Best Film, Best Director, Best Editing and Best Screenplay nomination at the Japanese Academy Awards in 1992 and won in the categories of Best Music and Best Young Actress ( Hiroko Oshima ). The Japanese Blue Ribbon Awards 1992, the film won awards for Best Film and Best Director. The Kinema Junpo Awards received The sea was calm the audience award.