A-Team (Special Forces)

As a Special Forces Operational Detachment - Alpha ( OD -A) or colloquially called the A-Team United States Army Special Forces Command ( Airborne ), the smallest subunits of its special forces.

Each company of the Special Forces ( " Green Berets " ) is usually composed of six A- teams, which thus correspond to groups - although the exact number may vary from company to company. The A- Team are each specialized in a specific task, then one focused on combat swimmers and another on HALO inserts, for example, of the six A- teams of each company. The members of the A-Team are in turn specialize in one area of ​​activity. The leader of the A- Team at the rank Captain is the only officer in the group, the other soldiers are commissioned officers.

A team has been around since the founding of the Green Berets, where they originally were generally smaller and only four to six soldiers included. Currently, a typical A- team of twelve people: the commander and his deputy, an " Operations Sergeant ", which ensures the viability and implementation, as well as his deputy, two weapons specialists, two communications specialists, two field paramedics and two pioneers.

The term " A-Team" is a nomenclature number of Special Forces that continue to the "B - team " - the implementing agency, a Special Forces company - and the " C- Team " - the implementing body of the battalion - knows. In 1977, a new, specialized in counter-terrorism task force was created to handle one on this system and called the new Special Forces Operational Detachment - unit Delta - Delta Force shortly.

Popular culture

The well-known U.S. television series The A-Team was named after the A- Team and deals with the three members of a former A- Team from the Vietnam War and her helicopter pilot.