A World Without Thieves

  • Andy Lau: Wang Bo
  • Rene Liu, Wang Li
  • Ge You: Uncle Bill
  • Baoqiang Wang Sha gene
  • Bingbing Li Xiao Ye

A World Without Thieves (Chinese天下 无 贼/天下 无 贼, Pinyin Tian Xia Wú CEI) is a Chinese film from the year 2004. Directed by the Chinese director Feng Xiaogang popular, the film stars Andy Lau and Rene Liu.

Wang Bo (Andy Lau ) and Wang Li (Rene Liu ) are a thief and con artist couple. They roam the land and live by robbing and extorting other people they encounter. One day, Wang Bo behaves strangely at one time and they begin at some point to argue. Their relationship is put to a severe test.

On the way they find a Buddhist temple. There, Wang Li wants to go and pray, while Wang Bo also shamelessly steals from those present in the temple. Again, they are to realize that they no longer accepted life as a thief. Because later she reveals Wang Bo, that she has become pregnant by him and that she did not want to raise the child in these circumstances.

Next on the way they meet then a naive country boy, whose good disposition Wang Li like. She decides to accompany him on the long train journey to protect his big money saved package, despite Wang Bo's objection, the interested himself for this package.

As the train a notorious gang of thieves recognizes the value of this package, they have the right to steal it. Nevertheless, they manage not to steal the whole way the package because the thieves prevents this pair every time. In the end, the boy still has his package and the gang is arrested by the police. However, the trip has cost victims. Wang Bo has become hurt by the thieves so deadly in a fight that he dies from it.

Months later, Wang Li had her child and she leaves it in the temple in which they have been once before.

A World without Thieves is based on the novel.

This film was one of the most successful Chinese films of the year 2004.

Pictures of A World Without Thieves