A. Arnold Gillespie

Albert Arnold Gillespie ( born October 14, 1899 in El Paso, Texas, USA, † May 3, 1978 in Los Angeles, California, USA) was an American special effects expert and art director.

Life and work

A. Arnold Gillespie studied at Columbia University and the Art Students League of New York, before his work in the film industry began at Paramount in 1922. After joining in 1924 Metro -Goldwyn -Mayer were his activities until 1936 stage designer, animator and art director, said he could not be set exactly on a topic. From 1936 until his retirement in 1965, he then led the field at MGM special effects. During this time he was five times awarded the Oscar, including for Ben Hur. One of his best works, Forbidden Planet, was indeed nominated for an Oscar, but in 1957, the award was in the category of Best Special Effects in The Ten Commandments.

Due to its high productivity and over forty years of activity was A. Arnold Gillespie participated in hundreds of film productions. Are documented in the Internet Movie Database 230 entries, according to the International Dictionary of Film and Filmmakers it could also have been up to 600 productions; to explain when the " undocumented " or not mentioned uncredited investments involving.


With the exception of the Oscars in 1964 for technical merits, the Academy Awards and nominations were made in the category of Best Special Effects:

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