A. E. Becquerel

Alexandre Edmond Becquerel (* March 24, 1820 in Paris, † May 11, 1891 ) was a French physicist.


Alexandre Edmond Becquerel was born as the second son of Antoine César Becquerel on March 24, 1820 in Paris. He was only an assistant at the Science Museum ( Muséum National d' Histoire Naturelle ) in Paris and taught there since 1853 as a professor, from 1853 to 1878 at the Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers. In 1854 he became a founding member of the Société française de photographie. In 1880, he became President of the Académie des sciences.

He discovered in 1839 along with his father the Becquerel effect, a special type of the photoelectric effect.

In addition to his participation in the work of his father, he conducted research in other fields, the same especially on the phosphorescence of light and the chemical effects which lumiére an important part of his work La, ses Causes et ses effets form.

He showed with the help of his Phosphoroskops ( Phosphoroskop by Becquerel ) that the phosphorescence a general phenomenon, and that the phosphorescence is just a re-release of the bodies of previously absorbed light.

He also investigated the electrical conductivity of various materials for the galvanic current, the heating effect of the current in liquids and magnetic ( discovery of paramagnetism ' liquid oxygen ), respectively, diamagnetic properties of many substances. He has conducted more research on optics and electricity.

Alexandre Edmond Becquerel is the father of Nobel laureate Antoine Henri Becquerel.


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