A. J. Watson

Watson was an American chassis manufacturer in single-seater racing cars of the 1950s - and 1960s.

AJ Watson was next to Frank Kurtis 's most talented and successful racing car designers of the first three decades after the Second World War. After initial difficulties, Watson at the end of the 1940s began with the construction of racing cars, managed Jim Rigsby 1953, a first finish in the 500 miles of Indianapolis.

Used by a wide variety of teams and usually powered by Offenhauser engines remained Watson race car in the years to six times in the 500 miles successfully. In 1956 there was the first victory by Pat Flaherty. Rodger Ward triumphed in 1959 and 1962, twice with a front engine - Watson. In addition to Jim Rathmann (1960 ) and the later team owner Parnelli Jones ( 1963), who also ran a Formula 1 team in the 1970s, celebrated 1964 AJ Foyt the second of his four Indy 500 victories on a chassis of Watson.