A.C. Reggiana 1919

The Associazione Calcio Reggiana 1919 is an Italian football club based in Reggio Emilia in Emilia -Romagna. The men's team played three seasons in Serie A, the women's section of the club is currently playing in Serie A.


The club was founded in 1919 as Associazione Calcio Reggiana. In the early years the team was represented in the regional championship of Emilia Romagna, but missed qualifying for the newly introduced 1929 Series A and Series B had to compete. For years the club played in the Serie B and C before 1993 for the first time succeeded in promotion to Serie A.

The 13th place in the standings in the 1993/94 season is the best result the club's history. The following season, the club rose last but one with only 18 points back to Serie B from. With 61 points succeeded as third in the series B under coach Carlo Ancelotti, who was then recruited by the AC Parma, the direct re- ascent. However, the team was in the 1996/97 season with only two wins this season, knocked off last.

1999 were relegated to the Serie C1, the AC Reggiana, the direct walkover in the C2 series was only narrowly avoided in the following season. 2001 and 2002, the club had to play in the relegation games, but was able to prevail and get the class respectively. In 2005, the team qualified for the promotion of games to Serie B, but failed at the U.S. Avellino with a 1-2 defeat and a 2-2 draw in the return leg.

Due to the poor financial situation of the AC Reggiana permit withdrawn in summer 2005. Then, the club disbanded and was refounded as Reggio Emilia Football Club. Shortly after the start of the game in Serie C2, the club got its present name.

Former Players

Former coach

  • Italy Carlo Ancelotti