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The A1 road (English for, road A1 ' ) is a trunk road in Great Britain and connects London with Edinburgh. It is 660 km ( 410 miles ) is the longest main road in the UK.


The A1 largely follows the path of the historic Great North Road. Since the introduction of numbering sections have been realigned and expanded.


Except for a few sections in London, Edinburgh and between Dunbar (east of Edinburgh) and Morpeth (north of Newcastle), the A1 through at least two, and often even more carriageways. It is being extended without crossing everywhere, mouths of side roads or connecting farmsteads are set forth in part on simple intersections, slopes on the opposite lane ( from the fast lane out ) are present, larger intersections are formed as the roundabout, and needs to stretch have limitation on motor vehicles it an explicit signs.

Instead of the usual indication of place names on road signs can be found at A1 signs between London and Newcastle the general direction information "The NORTH " (North) and "The SOUTH " (south). Sometimes intermediate targets are specified, the destination but to dive just before the respective end on road signs on.

A1 ( M)

Some sections of the A1 motorway own status and are accordingly expanded without crossing. In these sections, the road is named A1 ( M), and applicable for highways traffic regulations apply there. Vehicles without highway authorization have to maneuver these sections. The A1 ( M) has nothing to do with the M1 motorway.

Sections A1 (M)

  • South Mimms - Baldock, Length: 37 km ( 23 miles )
  • Alconbury - Peterborough, Length: 23 km (14 miles )
  • Blyth - Carcroft Distance: 24 km (15 miles)
  • Ferrybridge - Leeming, Length: 74 km ( 46 miles )
  • Barton - Gateshead, Length: 48 km (30 miles)

Although the section of Edinburgh to Dunbar subject motorway-like restrictions, but is legally no highway and carries the normal designation A1.


A two-lane section of the A1 between Berwick and Dunbar in Scotland

The A1 ( M) Alconbury - Peterborough section in north direction