A1 Team Germany

A1 Team Germany ( engl. stylization: A1Team.Germany ) was the German National Team in the A1GP series. It won in the 2006/2007 season the title.


A1 Team Germany was founded by Willi Weber, manager of Michael Schumacher; as a team functioned since the beginning of the British team DS Motorsport Ltd David Sears, which (under the name Super Nova International), among others active in the GP2 series. End of September 2008 it became public that Weber has finished his commitment as Seat Holder, after which the team initially not being exhibited. The return to the race track was now under the direction of Rolf Beisswanger and supervised by German GU -Racing team at the race weekend at Kyalami 2009.

In the first season, the results were rather moderate. Although it was already at the inaugural event at Brands Hatch ( main event ) by Timo Scheider be run in the first point, but in the following race weekend was a visible increase of largely. Often also ensured unfortunate circumstances to ensure that the team remained better rankings denied, such as the race weekend at Estoril, as the Dutchman Jos Verstappen the lying in fifth place Adrian Sutil drove to the rear, or in Durban, as Timo Scheider five laps to go Place three lying broke the suspension - to judge the further course of the race after the first win would have been possible. With second place in the feature race at Laguna Seca by Timo Scheider finally the first podium was celebrated in March 2006. In the final standings, the team took 15th place with 38 points.

The following season it was much more enjoyable for A1 Team Germany. On the first weekend in Zandvoort Nico Hulkenberg succeeded in the main race, the first victory, he dropped the second follow at the fourth race of the season at Sepang ( main race ). In Taupo 19 -year-old finally drove the first pole position for the team out, then he won both the sprint and the main race and also drove the fastest lap of the race, which corresponds to 17 points ( = maximum number of points per weekend). This " trick " he repeated in the following race weekend at Eastern Creek and Durban. After the tenth round of the season in Shanghai the German team was not to take winning the championship; at the end of the season at Brands Hatch Nico Hulkenberg then won again a victory in the feature race. With nine wins, three second, three third places and a total of 128 points, the German team convincingly won at the end ahead of Team New Zealand and Team UK. Only after the race weekend in Beijing it had the overall lead must abgegen to Team Mexico in the short term.

The third season was unsettled for the team. Christian Vietoris and Michael Ammer Müller appeared alternately in Germany and were able to celebrate a total of two victories. The first scoring Bunting Müller in the sprint race at Zhuhai, after he had previously secured the pole position, the second Vietoris the main race in Taupo, after he had already been in the sprint race in second on the podium. These successes additional positions were added in the points achieved mainly by Christian Vietoris, but also two disqualifications of Ammermüller. The team finished the season as joint - eighth with 83 points.

In the fourth season, the team initially did not occur on the basis of internal restructuring. After it had been in Kyalami his comeback, was achieved in the feature race in Portimao ninth place by André Lotterer the only points result. With these two points, the team finished the season on top of the 21 overall.


A1 Team Germany continued to race weekends a nine different drivers, seven of whom also took part in the race itself.

The most successful rider of the team 's Nico Hulkenberg, who with a total of nine individual victories (three in sprint races, six in the main race ) is in the record list of the series in third place.

Rider overview

( Legend: RG = Race total SR = sprint races; HR = main race; RS = rookie sessions, PP = pole position; SRR = fastest lap )