A1 Team Ireland

A1 Team Ireland (English stylization: A1Team.Ireland ) was the Irish National Team in the A1GP series. It won in the 2008/2009 season the title.


A1 Team Ireland ( in the third season, " Belmayne Team Ireland " ) was founded by Mark Gallagher and Mark Kershaw, from the fourth season act Teddy Yip and John P. Hynes as Seat Holder; the team was from the first season up a dedicated team who will compete in the third season under the name Status Grand Prix since the beginning of cooperation with Team Canada.

In the first season the team was top mediocrity. Already on premiere race weekend at Brands Hatch could enter the first point with tenth place in the sprint race by Michael Devaney, on the third race weekend at Estoril then followed with the third place in the feature race by ex-Formula 1 driver Ralph Firman the first and only podium of the season. Overall, the team finished 13 races in the points at the end of the season was eighth with 68 points to book.

In the following season, the team experienced a sharp decline. He scored only three points finishes, namely a tenth place in the feature race in Sepang by Michael Devaney and a sixth place in the sprint race in Durban and a fifth place in the feature race in Shanghai by Richard Lyons. The moderate losses during the first nine race weekends led the team back to a problem with the chassis. It finished the season in 19th place overall with eight points.

In the third season the team with Adam Carroll as a regular driver again achieved a significant increase. Finally, after a third place in the sprint race at Brno and numerous points results it was in the main race in Mexico City - just one day before St. Patrick 's Day - celebrated his first victory. It was followed by two third places in the main race in Shanghai or in the sprint race at Brands Hatch. The team finished the season at the sixth position overall with 94 points.

In the fourth season, the team was outstanding. After a points -less opening weekend at Zandvoort first followed by three wins ( sprint race in Chengdu and Taupo, the feature race at Sepang ) and three second places ( main race in Chengdu and Taupo, sprint races in Portimão ) by regular driver Carroll. With two wins in the last race weekend of the season at Brands Hatch sovereign the title could be secured. Six pole positions and five fastest laps to underline the power of the team, which had to stand beech at the end of 112 points.

A1 Team Ireland has participated in all 39 race weekends of the A1GP series.


A1 Team Ireland continued to race weekends a six different drivers, four of whom also took part in the race itself. In addition came the official test at Silverstone 2006 Patrick Hogan used.

Adam Carroll, who is from Northern Ireland and would therefore actually be attributed to the United Kingdom, is entitled to start, as the team represented the geographical Ireland.

Rider overview

( Legend: RG = Race total SR = sprint races; HR = main race; RS = rookie sessions, PP = pole position; SRR = fastest lap )


The team as part of the program Fifth Gear in May 2007 on the runway of the air base Cottesmore with 190.6 mph, or about 305 km / h, a speed record for the A1GP car from Lola. For this purpose, the Power Boost, which 30 more hp unlock, permanently activated. At the wheel, there was the presenter Vicki Butler - Henderson.