A1 Team Lebanon

A1 Team Lebanon (English stylization: A1Team.Lebanon ) was the Lebanese National Team in the A1GP series.


The team was founded by Tameem Auchi; as team acted in the first two seasons the British team Carlin Motorsport and from then on the British team also Argo Racing.

In the first season, the team was one of the backbenchers, as the best results are two places eleventh in the feature race in Estoril by Basil Shaaban and the main race in Shanghai by Graham Rahal to book. It finished the season ranked 24 with no points.

The following season, an increase in output was made ​​, the team came across two twelfth places by Graham Rahal during the race weekend at Brno not get out. It finished the season in 23rd place overall with again zero points.

In the third season, the team was able to achieve any substantial progress; by Chris Alajajian in the feature race at Zhuhai or by Khalil Beshir in the feature race in Durban ever a 13th place set the best results dar. As a result, the team was once again without any points and finished the season on the 23rd overall position.

The fourth season presented the best of the team dar. with an eighth place in the feature race at Zandvoort by Daniel Morad could last the first points be scored, followed it up with a sixth place in the Kyalami race a second main points result. The team finished the season overall standings with eight points from 17.

A1 Team Lebanon has participated in all 39 race weekends of the A1GP series.


A1 Team Lebanon sat at race weekends, one of eight different drivers, all of whom also took part in the race itself. Many of the drivers employed by Team Lebanon are a citizen of another country ( so, for example, Graham Rahal Americans, Daniel Morad Canadians, Australians and Chris Alajajian Allam Khodair Brazilian), but may due to the origin of their parents or grandparents for the team to go to start.

Rider overview

( Legend: RG = Race total SR = sprint races; HR = main race; RS = rookie sessions, PP = pole position; SRR = fastest lap )