A1 Team New Zealand

A1 Team New Zealand (English stylization: A1Team.New Zealand) was the New Zealand National Team in the A1GP series. It was runner-up in the seasons 2006/2007 and 2007/ 2008.


A1 Team New Zealand was founded by Colin Giltrap; as team acted in the first season, the British team West Surrey Racing and then the British team also DS Motorsport.

In the first season, the team was one of the most consistent. After it was able to celebrate the first night race weekend at Brands Hatch with a third place in the sprint race by Matt Halliday his best result of the season, followed by 14 other rankings in the points total, including five fourth places. The team finished the season in fourth place with 77 points.

The following season, the team still was even an increase. When race weekend at Brno, it was the first time in pole position, but retired after the start due to a collision with team Germany's Nico Hulkenberg from. After the first podium of the season, finishing third in the sprint race at Sepang, the team with Jonny Reid scored driving in Sentul a double victory. It was followed by two third places in the domestic Taupo and two second places in Eastern Creek and two third places at the race weekend in Durban by Matt Halliday. At a second place in the sprint race in Shanghai followed the victory in the feature race, again by Reid. An eighth place in the feature race at Brands Hatch by Halliday assured the team finally with 93 points just ahead of Team UK, the vice-championship.

In the third season, the team was one of the best. Already during the race weekend at Brno scored it with Jonny Reid at the wheel of a double victory, followed by two individual victories in the sprint race at Taupo or Mexico City and two second places in the main race at Zhuhai or in the sprint race at Eastern Creek. The team finished the season again on the second place overall with 127 points.

In the fourth season, the team faltered slightly. With a second place in the sprint and a third in the feature race at Zandvoort and a third in the Sepang sprint race by Earl Bamber were in the first part of the season, although three podiums are obtained similar results were in the second half of however. After the last two race weekends proceeded without points, the team finished the season in seventh place overall on 36 points.

A1 Team New Zealand has participated in all 39 race weekends of the A1GP series.


A1 Team New Zealand put on race weekends, one of eight different drivers, four of whom also took part in the race itself.

Rider overview

( Legend: RG = Race total SR = sprint races; HR = main race; RS = rookie sessions, PP = pole position; SRR = fastest lap )

The list is not listed Scott Dixon, the 2005, the second training appearances for the team in Dubai.


The team made numerous occasions highlighted with spectacular actions on themselves and the series before his home race in Taupo. So Jonny Reid crossed in January 2007 with the New Zealand A1GP car, "Black Beauty" called the Auckland Harbour Bridge. In January 2008, the team at the Auckland Airport hosted an acceleration duel against a Boeing 777 of Air New Zealand. Of the two runs, the aircraft and the A1GP race car with Reid decided at the wheel one for yourself.