A3 motorway (Switzerland)

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  • Canton of Basel-Stadt Basel-Stadt
  • Canton of Basel -Landschaft Basel -Landschaft
  • Canton of Aargau Aargau
  • Canton of Zurich Zurich
  • Canton of Schwyz
  • Canton of Glarus Glarus
  • Canton of St. Gallen St. Gallen

The Highway 3 is part of the Swiss motorway network and is largely congruent with the national road 3


The A3 starts as a continuation of the French A35 at the motorway customs Basel / Saint- Louis. After a short distance as Nordtangente by Basel it unites near the junction with the A2 Basel meadow.

In Augst near Basel it separates again from the A2. Via Rheinfelden and the Frick valley leads to the east. After the 3750 meter long Bözberg tunnel it opens with the branching Birrfeld at Birmensdorf in the A1. From the motorway junction Limmattalstrasse the A3 runs since May 2009 on the so-called " Western Bypass ", through the Uetliberg Zurich branch to South and continue on the left bank of Lake Zurich along Lake Walen via Sargan, where it joins the A13.

The A3 provides (together with a section of the A1 ) the most important connection of Basel- Zurich and (along with a section of the A13) the main link Zurich -Chur dar.



A special feature is the section of motorway on Lake Walen dar. between Weesen and Murg in mid- 1964, the N3, opened as a main road and led by the six tunnel Ofenegg (370 m), white wall ( 460 m), Stand Horn ( 230 m), smooth wall (100 m ), mill Horn ( 260 m) and Stutz ( 144 m). The Walenseestrasse was between Weesen and whales city for the two-lane section between the otherwise four-lane route. The section was expanded to the motorway until 1986 with the opening of the single-tube tunnel Kerenzerberg ( 5760 m), through which since the carriageway to Murg / Sargans leads. The old six tunnel and the road on the banks of Lake Walen were converted to device operation and since then form the carriageway to Weesen / Zurich.

Western Bypass Zurich

Since 4 May 2009, with the opening of the highway section between the Birmensdorf connection and branching Zurich North - the last part of the so-called " Western Bypass " - is the A3 between Basel and Sargans throughout.

With the opening to traffic of the new section on May 4, two existing motorway sections have been renumbered. Leading in the city of Zurich Autobahnast Limmat - Hardturmstraße ( always officially recorded as N1 ) is now considered A1H (feeder Hardturmstraße ) instead referred to as A3. The leading out of the city Autobahnast Wiedikon - Zurich South, the so-called Sihlhochstrasse is referred to as a new A3W (feeder Wiedikon ).

Also entered into force with the opening of the Western Bypass, the first stage of the accompanying measures for the residential areas along the former " Westtangente » in the city of Zurich. The existing road trains that were used for the urban transit link to the motorway endpoints Wiedikon and Hardturmstraße were narrowed on 2 May provisionally on each one lane per direction. In the months following the dismantling of the former was made " temporary " transit routes to neighborhood streets (West Street and Sihlfeldstrasse ) and urban main roads ( Seebahnstrasse and Schimmelstrasse ). In addition to various structural measures, additional traffic signals were installed on the incidence axes via Wollishofen Albisrieden that regulate dosing than the flow of traffic in the city, making the diversion unattractive in the living quarters.