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  • Bourgogne
  • Franche -Comté
  • Rhône -Alpes

The Autoroute A39 (abbreviation: A39 ), and ( German: The green highway) " L' Autoroute Verte " called, is a French motorway, the Dijon Dole Bourg -en -Bresse connects. It is along its entire length, no part of a European road and in the extension of the north on the A31 and A5 and the south on the A40 and A42 part of an eastern, running parallel to the A6 motorway link between Paris and Lyon.

Importance of the highway in particular as part of the direct connection route from Strasbourg to Lyon or Paris over Dole (via A5).


The Autoroute A39 leads since 1998 consistently in predominantly south of Dijon Dole after Viriat, where it merges into the running of Mâcon on Geneva to the Mont Blanc Tunnel Autoroute des Titans / Autoroute Blanche (A40 ). It is toll- free from its commencement at the departmental road D905 in Dijon until the toll (French péage ) at Crimolois. There she meets on running in a north-south direction Autoroute A31 Nancy - Lyon.

In Dole, the A39 crosses the designated as La Morbier, in west-east trending Autoroute A36 between Beaune and Besançon. This interchange is especially interesting coming from the direction of Besançon, as is done here by indicating direction of traffic in the direction of Lyon to relieve the A6 through A39. Furthermore, there is the possibility for drivers to Paris via the A39 the busy direct connection Lyon - Paris ( A6) to get around. This is called Paris signposted accordingly ( via A5).

In Viriat the A39 goes into main direction of travel, unlike the numbering suggests, directly into the A40. The same applies to the A40 in the opposite direction, which is there to A39.


Big cities on the highway

  • Bourg -en- Bresse
  • Dijon
  • Dole

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