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The Autoroute A432 (abbreviation: A432 ) is a French highway that connects north-east of Lyon metropolitan area, the ring road rocade Est ( A46 ) at Les Échets with the Lyon Saint- Exupéry airport and the Autoroute de la Murienne ( A43 ). It thus forms an extended Osttangente over entire length and is thus part of an imaginary third ring road of Lyon.

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The Autoroute A432 performs consistently in south to south-easterly direction from Les Échets in the north of Lyon via La Boisse and the airport Lyon Saint -Exupéry to Saint -Laurent -de- Mure, where it joins the A43. She follows it from its commencement at the rocade Est ( A46 ) for the most part the route of the TGV high-speed line from Paris to Marseille.

At La Boisse it crosses the A42 and provides connections to Strasbourg, Geneva and to Northern Italy.


As a regional highway linking the A432 comes with the completion of the connection to the Autoroute A46 especially true significance as an alternative to rocade Est on the route from Paris to Turin and southern Italy. So it is the long-distance transport in the north-east direction enables effective since, the Province of Lyon to drive around in a wide arc.

Toll charges

For the A432 is only on the northern part of route from the motorway junction at Les Échets and La Boisse toll obligation. The southern part of the route with access to the airport from the motorway junction A42/A432 until the end of the motorway on the A43 is toll-free. Two toll booths (French peage ), one in La Boisse (direction south) and the other in Saint- Laurent- de -Mure (direction North ), limit this section.


The southern part of the Autoroute A432, which connects the A42 to the A43, was the construction of two sections, which should connect the two highways to the airport Lyon Saint- Exupéry, respectively, started and not with the gap closing between Pusignan and Poulieu in completed in 2003.

The construction of the northern part, which eventually joins the rocade Est ( A46 ) with the A42, was completed in the spring of 2011 and released on February 10 for the traffic. This included the construction of 1210 m long and up to 50 m high Viaduc de la Côtière ( German: Coast viaduct ).


Big cities on the highway

  • Lyon

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