A47 autoroute

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  • Rhône -Alpes

The Autoroute A47 (abbreviation: A47 ) is a French motorway, which connects the metropolitan area of Lyons givors and Saint-Chamond with Saint -Étienne. It is along its entire length section of the European Route 70 ( E 70 ).


The Autoroute A47 runs in a southwesterly direction from givors to Saint -Chamond, where it ends at L' Ollagnière and merges with the N88 national road that is up Saint- Étienne expanded highway-like. It is also completely free of charge from its beginning at the motorway junction A7/A46 as a continuation of the Lyon Osttangente ( rocade Est) until the end of the motorway.


Big cities on the highway

  • Lyon conurbation
  • Givors
  • Saint- Étienne