A5 motorway (Slovenia)

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The Avtocesta A5 (Slovenian for, A5 ' ), also called Pomurska avtocesta, is the third-longest Slovenian motorway connects Maribor and Murska Sobota and with the Hungarian city of Nagykanizsa.


After Slovenia's independence from Yugoslavia, the route was an extension of the A1 motorway national importance, as will be connected in this way the port of Koper (as well as the Italian port of Trieste ) with the logistically important hinterland Hungary and Central Europe, having to pass through without Croatia or Austria. Through membership of the two countries in NATO this corridor also received military strategy a special meaning.

Likewise, the peripheral Prekmurje region is better connected to the town of Lendava, Slovenia to the centers as well as at South West Hungary.

On the Hungarian side, the A5 will be continued with the M70 Motorway and the M7 towards Budapest.

The identical European Route 653 is considered large-scale bypassing the route Maribor - Graz - Fürstenfeld - Szombathely - Budapest ( A2, B 65 / S7) as part of the European route 66


The first section between Vučja vas and Beltinci, including the crossing of the River Mur in Murska Sobota, was opened in 2003. In May 2008, the section was followed by distance between Marburg and Lenart, in August 2008 was followed by the longest section of Beltinci after Pince and on 30 October 2008, the last piece between Lenart and Vučja vas was completed. The A5 is thus the second fully completed motorway in Slovenia.

It consists of two 3.5 m wide lanes with no hard shoulder in each direction with a speed limit of 110 km / h