A7 autoroute

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  • Rhône -Alpes
  • Provence- Alpes- Côte d' Azur

The Autoroute A 7 or Autoroute du Soleil ( " Highway of the Sun ") is a highway along the Rhône valley of southeastern France. It was built gradually between 1951 and 1974. It connects the Greater Lyon and Marseille on a length of 314 kilometers and thus sets the A6 Paris - Lyon continued south. From the A 6 it also takes the name, who pointed out that traditionally go along this route to the Paris summer vacation to the South of France. On portions of the A 6 is part of the European road E 15, E 80 and E 714

The A7 is notorious for its heavy traffic. Especially in summer, it is particularly on the portion Orange - Vienne often long traffic jams. North of Lyon was born on 16 February 1980 a 176 km long traffic jam at a world record.

The highway connecting the cities of Lyon, Vienne, Valence, Montelimar, Orange, Avignon and Marseille.

The highway is a toll road along its entire route with the exception of the urban centers of Lyon and Marseille.