A75 autoroute

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  • Auvergne
  • Languedoc -Roussillon
  • Midi -Pyrenees

The Autoroute 75 (La Meridian ) is a highway in France. It runs in a north-south direction through the Massif Central from Clermont- Ferrand to according to Pezenas. The further construction until the Autoroute A9 Béziers was completed with the bypass at Béziers in 2009. At its entire length of 340 km, the road runs Europe on her 11th

It is an alternative north- south route in central France and is intended to relieve the A6 and A7 and better connect the Massif Central to the motorway network. She is also the shortest route between Paris and Barcelona and extends over large parts parallel to national road 9

Construction of the highway was 1975. Apart from the Viaduc de Millau is the distance for the purpose of economic development of the region, toll-free.


Because of the course through the mountainous center three tunnels and eight major bridges were built. The largest bridge, the toll Millau Viaduct, located between junctions 45 and 46 It is the highest and longest cable-stayed bridge in the world and leads through the valley of the Tarn.


In the current N1075 is a side branch of the A75, which runs to the D809 from junction 39 ( former N9 ).