Aa (architect)

Aa, possibly AAAA, was an Egyptian architect and construction manager, his title was " head of the construction workers " or " large head of the construction workers " ( imy - r3 - iqdw or imy - r3 - iqdw - ˁ 3) He lived during the Middle Kingdom ( 2119-1794/93 BC).

Aa is one of several names (rt jmj - r3 -w ˁ ) on the originating from the northern necropolis of Abydos stele for the dead of the head of the guild Sahepu are listed. The relationship carrion Sahepu is unclear. The reading of the name is problematic; it is uncertain whether the first element of " Aa " ( ancient Egyptian "great" for ) is part of the name or descriptive adjective as part of the title.